The MARIO SANNA FOUNDATION ONLUS (MSF) was established in 2015 with the aim of helping people in need with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of ear diseases, deafness and skull base tumors. It aims to pursue the improvement of surgical techniques of all those ear and skull base deseases that are disabling and cause significant social, psychological, physical, and economical disadvantage. The Foundation is going to set up programs of assistance mainly focused on early diagnosis in young patients, where the aforementioned disadvantages are even more penalizing. The Foundation will also promote the training of medical excellence in the field of otolaryngology by specific projects in education (in-house and on line) and selecting by merit those who do not have esay access to higher scientific training.

So the Foundation has three main objectives:

1 allow the needy to receive appropriate treatment

2 prevent and treat debilitating diseases

3 train talents through scholarships in highly complex researches


ONLUS is an Italian acronym for non profit organization with fiscal benefits. It is reserved only to the most trustful initiatives of the country.

Prof. Mario Sanna

The founder professor Mario Sanna is the director of the Gruppo Otologico (Piacenza and Rome, Italy), established 1983, an internationally acclaimed center for otology, hearing implantology and skull base surgeries. Prof. Sanna is a master in his field known across the world for his pioneering work in Otology and Skull Base Surgery. He is the Founder member of the European Skull Base Society and the Italian Skull Base Society and an honorary member of the French and Spanish Otolaryngological Societies. Prof. Sanna has authored 15 books and over 375 articles in peer reviewed journals. His illustrated text books are extremely popular and some of them have won international awards. He has been an invited faculty in over 400 conferences and academic meetings. Over 200 fellows and 1000 observers have been trained at the Gruppo Otologico. Prof. Sanna has contributed tremendously to the knowledge of Otology & Skull Base Surgery and is considered by his peers to be one of the pioneers of modern Skull Base Surgery.