The Unit of intensive therapy sub is the department where they are guaranteed intensive care and continuous monitoring necessitated by the particular patient's state of health, such as the life support after recent surgery.
Within the sub ICU of the Clinic, with 7 beds plus 2 portable monitors that can be moved inside the clinic with the function to detect the vital parameters of patients, is located nursing study where it placed a control unit for continuous monitoring of vital signs, of course, 24-hour 24.
The department is ensured specialized care by the medical staff that ensures the immediate intervention in case of need.
In the sector sub-intensive therapy are used many types of equipment, non-invasive and invasive, consequently each station is equipped with:

  • Monitor
  • Blood pressure detector
  • Respiratory rate detector
  • Heart rate detector
  • ECG
  • Central venous pressure detector
  • BP bloody detector
  • Oxygen saturation
  • Mechanical ventilator for replacement of the emergency respiratory function
  • Syringe pump for infusion solution EV
  • Peristaltic pump for enteral nutrition

The patient, transferred from the Operating Theatre Fund at the end of surgery, is accepted in sub-intensive therapy from specialized nursing staff, including three nurses (rotating in 24 hours), OSS 1 and 1 doctor anesthetist; the Unit of Intensive Care is never devoid of medical care.

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